Get Found: 3 Tips for Keyword Optimization on LinkedIn

linkedin profile SEO

LinkedIn is an important platform that can be used to look for a new job, connect with potential clients, and build influence in your field. But LinkedIn won’t be nearly as effective for any of these things if no one sees your profile. If you want hiring managers, prospects, and […]

Split Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

I was talking to an executive the other day who asked why they weren’t getting the search engine ranking boost they had expected when they had invested so much in optimizing their website. I told him it was because despite all the work that had taken place on the site, […]

Marketing Every Small Software Company Should Be Doing

So you know where I’m coming from, here are the top 9 types of marketing I believe virtually every small software company should be doing: Pay-per-click advertisements (Google ads) Public relations Nurture program Search engine optimization Education strategy Email newsletters Flash demos Referrals Get Creative   You can get a fuller […]