Get a Couple More Clients

Nurture Marketing WorkshopAre you looking for a few more clients?

The easiest way to have a steady stream of leads is to set up a simple nurture marketing program designed to get referrals.

Most small businesses are built on referrals.

They are the easiest leads to close. They tend to close faster, and they usually buy more than leads that come in cold.

You can set up an inexpensive program that will reach out to people who could refer business to you on a regular basis. You can use email, you can use social media, or you can do it with regular mail.

You can do it for less than $100 a month (you can do it for free if you need to).

And if you do it consistently, you will be generating a steady stream of leads.

If you would like to have a program like that for your business, sign up for our new Nurture Marketing Workshop.

New Nurture Marketing Workshop

This is a 2-hour online workshop where we teach the basic concepts behind nurture marketing, and then go hands-on - walk you through the steps to design a nurture marketing project for your business.

At the end of the workshop you will have a project plan, ready to work on or hand off to your assistant.

You can use the workshop to design whatever kind of plan you want – you can focus on referrals or you can nurture leads, customers, the press, or whatever group you want.

You can use email, social media, SendOutCards, postcards or letters.

You’ll get a comprehensive introduction to what to do, then you’ll actually create your own project plan.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a list of topics for emails/mailings or an editorial calendar for social media posts. You’ll have a starter mailing list. And you’ll have a list of action items for what needs to happen next.

We will share resources – where you can get inexpensive writers (if you need that) or find a good virtual assistant (if you don’t have one yet).

Bring a friend for free

The workshop costs $197, and you can bring a friend for free.

So if you are a business owner, you can bring the virtual assistant who will be helping you with the nurture project for free.

If you are a virtual assistant you can bring a client for free. (Or get the client to pay for it and you come free.)

If you don’t have an assistant (or a client) yet, this workshop will be a good place to meet one. We’re going to have online chat throughout the workshop so you’ll have the opportunity to network with the other participants.

First Workshop

The first workshop is Sunday, November 20, from 2-4pm Eastern.

I hope you can join us.

If you can’t be there live, sign up anyway. You’ll get a link to the recording plus all the materials, templates and worksheets.

There is more information about the workshop, including the agenda and list of handouts and workshop materials that you will receive at

If you know anyone else who might be interested, please share this with them.

What You Need to Accomplish With Your First Project

project management marketing first project nurtureIf you have been reading this blog for a while you know that we don’t recommend outsourcing one-off projects.

Instead we recommend that you find someone you can work with on a regular basis, who can handle a variety of similar projects for you.

When you are looking for someone you can have a longer relationship with, the first project is important.

You need to find out several things:

1. Can they do the work?

Yes, they looked good on paper and sounded good on the phone. Now you need to see if they can actually do the type of work you need done.

You need to find out… Did they do the work right? Did they pay attention to the details? Was it what you asked for? Was it the level of quality you need?

2. Do you like working with them?

Are they reliable? Did they understand what you wanted? Did they deliver work as promised? Do the two of you get along? Can you see yourself working with them over the long term?

3. Is the price right?

Did they take a reasonable amount of time to do the work? Is the price what you were quoted?

4. How much training do they need?

How quickly did they understand what you were looking for? Did they ask good questions? Did they listen to your answers and act on them? How much more education will they need if they are going to take on bigger projects? How do they learn best?

Choosing that first project…

A good first project is one that lets you answer all of those questions.

It should be something that takes relatively little of your time to pull together.

It should not require you to do a lot of training.

And preferably it should deliver something that will be useful to you whether or not you continue working with this person.

Here are 9 characteristics of an ideal first project for your new marketing person:

1. Requires relatively little background knowledge about the company and its products/services.
2. Has a process that is fairly simple to explain or is already defined somewhere.
3. Requires materials or information that is easy to gather and can be easily sent to someone by email.
4. Is not critical to the business or highly confidential.
5. Takes 5-10 hours to do.
6. Does not require the involvement of a lot of other people in the company or outside it.
7. Has an output that you can easily describe.
8. Has goals that are easy to define or where it will be easy to tell if they have done a good job or not.
9. Does not have a hard and fast deadline.

This is why we say a nurture marketing project makes an ideal way to start working with someone.  Nurture marketing meets all 9 of these characteristics.

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