How to Get Marketing Freelancers Up to Speed Fast – Part 1

One of the most important skills to master if you want to outsource marketing effectively – or even if you simply need to educate new hires and get them productive quickly – is teaching your marketing person what they need to know about your business. The amount they need to […]

How to Define a Marketing Project the Right Way

Whenever you give anyone a project to do, you’ll get the best results if you provide these 6 pieces of information:

1. What do you want done?
Describe the project and list the process you want them to follow.

2. What else is needed?
Provide whatever materials they are going to need to do the work. This might include a contact database or some files or a list of websites to visit. Whatever it is, list what you are providing them and where to find it or how you are getting it to them.

3. Your deadline
When should the project be finished? If it is a bigger project and there are sub-deadlines,