5 Ways to Use Fiverr

Using Fiverr for Your BusinessIf you haven’t heard about Fiverr you need to check it out!

It’s a website all about things people will do for $5. You can search gigs – people who have posted what they will do for $5 – or submit your own requests, saying what you would like to have someone do for $5.

Of course there are lots of weird things, lots of useless things. But there is a lot of cool stuff there.

Here are 5 ways you can use Fiverr in your marketing…

Buy inexpensive gifts for clients

If you want to find low-cost gifts you can send by email to your clients, you can find an amazing array of options on Fiverr. For example:

-          Have your client’s name written in the sand of a New Zealand beach (I bet that becomes their new desktop background)

-          Have a poem written about your client

-          Get their photo turned into a cartoon (I bet that turns up on their mobile phone)

-          Have someone sing Happy Birthday to them in a video

Get better known throughout clients’ companies

When you want more people inside your client’s business to know about you, one way to do it is to have something unusual done with their business logo. For example:

-          Have someone put their logo on an umbrella and take a video of someone walking in the rain with that umbrella

-          Have a video of a parakeet walking across a page with their logo

-          Have someone do speed coloring of their logo

-          Have the logo put onto a picture of a pumpkin (like we did here)

-          Have a bunny eat the logo

-          Get the logo stenciled on the foam of a capuccino

Seriously, you can get all of those things on Fiverr right now for $5. And you just know those videos are going to get forwarded throughout the company.

Add funny videos to your YouTube channel or Facebook page

There are a fair number of people who are offering to do a video for $5, and a couple who are offering multiple videos for $5. You can do all of the same things listed above for clients for your own company instead – those are funny, quirky videos that will engage your visitors and get them to comment on your posts.

Get feedback on your website or blog

If you want a man-on-the-street opinion from someone you don’t know, want it fast, and don’t want to spend a lot, try Fiverr.

Buy opinions from 5 or 10 people and you’ll have some interesting feedback for a fraction of what it would cost any other way.

Buy Facebook fans

If you have just launched your Facebook page and you want it to look lived in right away, buy a couple hundred fans for $5.

They won’t interact with your posts or buy your products – all they do is like your page – but that’s enough to allow you to get a branded URL for your page (Facebook currently requires 25 likes before you can get that).

Check out the site – I’m sure you can come up with dozens more ways to use Fiverr to promote your business. If you’d like to share them, comment below.

Get a Couple More Clients

Nurture Marketing WorkshopAre you looking for a few more clients?

The easiest way to have a steady stream of leads is to set up a simple nurture marketing program designed to get referrals.

Most small businesses are built on referrals.

They are the easiest leads to close. They tend to close faster, and they usually buy more than leads that come in cold.

You can set up an inexpensive program that will reach out to people who could refer business to you on a regular basis. You can use email, you can use social media, or you can do it with regular mail.

You can do it for less than $100 a month (you can do it for free if you need to).

And if you do it consistently, you will be generating a steady stream of leads.

If you would like to have a program like that for your business, sign up for our new Nurture Marketing Workshop.

New Nurture Marketing Workshop

This is a 2-hour online workshop where we teach the basic concepts behind nurture marketing, and then go hands-on - walk you through the steps to design a nurture marketing project for your business.

At the end of the workshop you will have a project plan, ready to work on or hand off to your assistant.

You can use the workshop to design whatever kind of plan you want – you can focus on referrals or you can nurture leads, customers, the press, or whatever group you want.

You can use email, social media, SendOutCards, postcards or letters.

You’ll get a comprehensive introduction to what to do, then you’ll actually create your own project plan.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a list of topics for emails/mailings or an editorial calendar for social media posts. You’ll have a starter mailing list. And you’ll have a list of action items for what needs to happen next.

We will share resources – where you can get inexpensive writers (if you need that) or find a good virtual assistant (if you don’t have one yet).

Bring a friend for free

The workshop costs $197, and you can bring a friend for free.

So if you are a business owner, you can bring the virtual assistant who will be helping you with the nurture project for free.

If you are a virtual assistant you can bring a client for free. (Or get the client to pay for it and you come free.)

If you don’t have an assistant (or a client) yet, this workshop will be a good place to meet one. We’re going to have online chat throughout the workshop so you’ll have the opportunity to network with the other participants.

First Workshop

The first workshop is Sunday, November 20, from 2-4pm Eastern.

I hope you can join us.

If you can’t be there live, sign up anyway. You’ll get a link to the recording plus all the materials, templates and worksheets.

There is more information about the workshop, including the agenda and list of handouts and workshop materials that you will receive at


If you know anyone else who might be interested, please share this with them.

How to Handle Clients Who Delay Getting You Materials

How to Work with Clients Who DelayThe project started out great, everything was going smoothly, or so you thought…

Then your client missed a phone call with you. No big deal, you thought, and rescheduled.

Then they missed the next one too.

You’re waiting for them to give you edits on a document or feedback on a website or an updated mailing list for their next newsletter.You  You can’t move ahead with the project until you hear back from them, and they’re not getting back to you.

Kind of frustrating, right?

I’ve been there – on both sides. I’ve been the client who sits on projects and I’ve been the one who is waiting.

I can tell you that when clients don’t get back to you, it’s usually one of three reasons. Here are the most common reasons – and how to deal with them…

1. They don’t know what to do.

Most often, the reason is that they have to make a decision (or a whole bunch of decisions) that for whatever reason are hard to make. Maybe they don’t have time to think it through at the level that’s needed, maybe they have no framework for understanding how to make the decision, maybe there are two choices and they are stuck between them.

There are a couple good ways to move them past this:

- Can you make the decision for them? If you can do this, tell them what you think the choice should be and ask if you can move ahead.

- Can you simplify the number of choices? If they are trying to choose the right blue for a logo, instead of asking them to come up with the right shade of blue, give them two shades to pick from and ask which they prefer.

- Can you break the project apart into smaller pieces? You might be able to help them deal with only one piece now, which makes it more manageable for them to keep going.

- Can you eliminate the decision? Perhaps you can go at the project from a different angle, one that bypasses the need for them to make the decision now.

2. They don’t want to criticize your work.

A lot of people are uncomfortable telling you that they don’t like what’s been done so far. So they stall, hoping things will get better.

The best way to deal with it is to ask up-front “Are you unhappy with the look of the website?” or “Do you just totally not like where this is going?”

Give them space to tell you that it’s not what they want – make them comfortable giving you bad news. Often it’s nowhere near as bad as they (or you) thought. You can probably suggest an easy fix and keep going.

And if not, isn’t it better to know that there’s a big problem? I know for sure I like to have that out in the open so we can deal with it rather than have them unhappy.

3. You’re asking them to do too much.

Clients are busy! That’s why they are having you work for them.

See if there is a way for you to take on the next step yourself and do it instead of them.

If they are supposed to draft something and they haven’t done it, ask if you can draft it for them. See how much of the project you can take on.

If they’re not comfortable having you take the next step, that’s a hint that what you’re dealing with is actually either that they don’t know what to do or they are unhappy with the way the work has been done so far.

So the next time a client delays a project you’re involved in, try one of these techniques and see if you can’t get things moving again.

7 Essential Themes for Social Media Marketing

How to Properly Do Social Media MarketingWouldn’t it be great if all you had to do was send out a tweet saying “We’re selling the best widgets in the entire world, come buy some” – and that worked?

I wish it did.

But it doesn’t.

Businesses that are just getting started with social media often begin just like that. They talk all about their products and services – how wonderful they are, what’s new, what a great deal they are offering – but it doesn’t get the results they want.

Some give up at that point, deciding that social media just doesn’t work for them.

But others realize that you can’t only talk about your products – that’s missing the point of social media.

Social media is about letting people discover who you are.

Letting people see what kind of a business you run, who your customers are, who your employees and partners are, who refers business to you…

And allowing them to get comfortable enough with all of that to become a customer themselves.

We’ve been analyzing social media for some time now, and we’ve come up with 7 themes that you should address in your posts. Here are the 7:

In the next series of blog posts, we’ll talk about each of these in turn – what each means and how you can do that in different types of social media.

Stay tuned…


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